Marketers could go back to having a “big idea” for their ad creative

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August 28, 2019, 3:19 AM UTC

Advertising must focus on relevance, creative and gut feeling.

An issue that businesses face is of people not trusting what brands say through their ads. This piece points out why people “hate” typical advertisements and suggests remedial measures.

Consumers, by default, have been skeptical of advertising and brands, which now has turned into “disbelief and a crisis of trust”. This makes it difficult to attract consumer attention. Brands must earn their attention by being authentic, transparent and reliable, first as an organisation and then through advertising.

Marketers should look at developing brand advocates who can amplify a brand’s message among family, friends, colleagues and strangers. The author suggests having a “big idea” to build the advertising campaign on. To address ad fatigue, the article recommends following Les Binet and Peter Field’s 60:40 brand-building to sales activation ratio.  

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