Choosing customer relevant keywords can enhance audience targeting

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August 28, 2019, 2:51 PM UTC

Building blogs on the foundation of keyword research can boost web traffic.

This piece says marketers should carefully leverage keywords which are relevant to the brand’s business and search patterns of their target audience. A deeper understanding of the target audience can make it easier for marketers to detect the most suitable keywords.

Creating audience personas and developing full profiles of an ideal audience, including age, demographics and interests can further aid the marketer’s quest for the right set of keywords. Brands can research other similar pages which rank higher for their target keywords. This process can help them to get ideas and find their strengths.

The author suggests brands “may opt for a lower-volume keyword because it’s much more relevant” to their target audience. However, marketers should be cautious about using too many keywords as “quantity doesn’t always equal quality.”

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