Brands must build digital experiences that mirror a customer’s physical one

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August 28, 2019, 2:38 AM UTC

Privacy and trust will soon become the “new oil” and current digital marketing strategies “won’t be sustainable forever.”

This article emphasises making privacy and transparency a core tenant of a brand’s value system in a digital age where demand generation and revenue have been taking precedence. Marketers must prioritise user trust and consent-based brand marketing as a way to address privacy concerns.

Marketers resort to tracking behaviour and gathering data without implicit consent. This strategy won’t be sustainable with consumers taking ownership of their data and privacy rights. The author recommends marketers to develop a privacy-forward framework that places customers’ journey above the brand’s.

Visualising a customer’s physical experience and then translating that into a digital one can organically foster transparency and consent. The author also states that creating impactful content is more valuable as it resonates with customers, rather than retargeting and personalisation alone.

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