Using psychological triggers in emails can drive consumer purchasing decisions

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August 27, 2019, 2:04 PM UTC

Emails infused with the possibility of selling out can help brands create urgency.

Scarcity-driven marketing strategies like limited stock emails can help brands induce psychological triggers in consumers to drive their purchasing decisions. Brands can create urgency among consumers by highlighting the number of people on the waitlist and the possibility of the product being sold-out.

Brands can also add incentives like discounts codes, to scarcity focussed emails to further push purchases. This piece says brands should offer exclusive products along with using power words like “Shop Now” to drive urgency.

Marketers can also leverage the holiday season to send out emails to last-minute shoppers and offer early bird prices to subscribers on a new product launch. The author contends that offering time-bound offers like “Free Shipping” for a limited period further allows brands to create urgency.

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