Ecommerce sites can “own the SERP” by implementing keyword segmentation as a PPC strategy

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August 26, 2019, 9:35 AM UTC

Keyword-based text ads allow marketers to gain insights into a consumer’s intent.

This article recommends ecommerce brands to create a keyword segmentation structure based on high, medium and low campaign priority settings. This is when a particular product is a part of multiple shopping campaigns. This lets marketers drive sales on high intent queries.

The article cites that 15% of daily searches are not new to Google and these can be found with a higher CPC. Marketers can leverage Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to expand the keyword set at a comparatively lower cost. Further, they can maximise their website’s copy relevance and block DSAs from navigating to irrelevant pages.

The author also suggests using local inventory ads to highlight the product’s availability at stores nearby. Additionally, advertisers can capitalise on targeting the less-obvious audience while avoiding an overlap with competitors.

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