Companies could offer discounts to boost sales of seasonal products

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August 26, 2019, 5:50 AM UTC

Building off-season hype can generate excitement for seasonal products.

With the back-to-school week fast approaching, this article suggests how brands can use seasonality to boost sales of seasonal products. The piece cites data by National Retail Federation which found that the average household is expected to spend $700 shopping for related apparel and supplies in 2019.

The author recommends that building off-season hype can get shoppers excited for the products expected to be in stock. The off-season can be used to then interest shoppers to consider products that may currently be available.

Making a product seem “scarce” by offering it only during a particular “season” can make the product seem desirable to consumers. Holding seasonal product sales and offering discounts are other measures suggested. Businesses that don’t sell seasonal products can still leverage seasonality by running a giveaway.

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