Collaborate with media platforms to fix issues surrounding influencer marketing

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August 26, 2019, 8:46 AM UTC

Having a “direct relationship” with influencers is also beneficial.

The article cites data by Cheq and University of Baltimore which provides that $1.3 billion would be wasted on fraudulent influencer marketing in 2019. Influencer marketing fraud is a part of the larger brand safety conversation.

But wastage of spends brings those outside the marketing department to questions the intent and purpose of influencer marketing itself. Mark Zablow, founder and CEO of marketing at Cogent Entertainment Marketing stated that the only reliable solution to this is to have a “direct relationship” with influencers.

He argues that brands could consider using influencers for content creation, instead of to solely drive sales and conversion. Diego Scotti, CMO at Verizon says that one way to fix the issues with influencer marketing is to collaborate with media platforms. He notes that solutions would come faster by working directly with the platforms.

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