Brands should refrain from supporting a particular side of a political issue

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August 26, 2019, 7:29 AM UTC

Picking a side can alienate 50% of the people on the other side of the issue.

This article notes that many brands feel pressured to take a firm stand on a political issue. PR professionals should urge clients to be mindful and cautious of the consequences of such an approach.

Brands that take a stand on a particular political issue for good PR may find themselves in a tight spot when customers learn that the organisation doesn’t actually support the issue. Moreover, companies can get accused of “woke washing,” pretending to be socially conscious, while using a cause for good press and building consumer good will.

Businesses that pick a side risk isolating the 50% of the population that’s on the other side of the issue. Companies can maintain a consistent presence and message over the long term by not engaging in “hot-button” issues.

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