Brands need to gain deep consumer insights to achieve programmatic creative success

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August 26, 2019, 5:08 PM UTC

Programmatic creative can help brands drive up to five-fold incremental ROI and generate revenue growth.

This piece argues that programmatic creative success is dependent on the “four elements of effective personalisation,” audience, context, circumstance and time. To create personalised ads that are well-targeted and timely placed, brands need to gain a deep understanding of the consumers they are engaging.

Understanding consumers’ interest, demographic traits and cross-channel behaviour can help advertisers improve their programmatic creatives. Each campaign should be relevant and contextual to the user based on their location, individual activity, type of screen and particular needs.

The author contends that the time and the environment in which “an ad appears makes a big difference to the way it is perceived.” Brands should avoid negative associations and make sure their ads suit different viewing screens. 

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