Blocking cookies cost digital publishers 52% of their average revenue

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August 26, 2019, 6:08 AM UTC

A Google study on 500 global publishers revealed that new publishers lost more than half of their revenue to disabled cookies.

Advertisers lose up to 52% of their ad revenues due to disabled cookies, making it harder for them to reach their target audiences. News publishers were hit harder, losing around 62% of their revenue to disabled cookies.

Disabled cookies pose a significant threat to Alphabet, Google’s parent company, whose primary source of revenue is from ad sales.  This piece says that lawsuits in the European Union and regulatory action are the biggest threat to Google’s ad business.

Google has been stressing upon consumer choice and transparency for ad personalisation, as it tries to balance regulation with advertiser demands. The tech giant recently announced its proposal for giving users more control over how their data can is used in digital ads.

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