Most marketing leaders report no positive returns from personalisation

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August 23, 2019, 10:40 AM UTC

Brands fail to achieve the “customer-first” mindset needed for an effective personalisation strategy. 

The piece says that despite market leaders spending 14% of marketing budget on personalisation, most have not achieved desired results. According to a Gartner’s study, 61% of marketing leaders have reported no positive return from personalisation efforts.

The study says that brands which have a personalisation strategy are more likely to get positive returns. Whereas, organisations who practice personalisation on an ad-hoc basis are more likely to get limited or poor returns from their investment.

The author contends that the main reason brands are unsuccessful at achieving an effective personalisation strategy is because they fail at adopting a “customer-first” mindset.  Even marketing leaders who have their personalisation strategy aligned with their marketing objectives fail to incorporate customer objectives in their plans.

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