Communication professionals need to be ready for the changes 5G will bring

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August 23, 2019, 10:40 AM UTC

The technology will lead to more high-quality video content along with a rise in VR and AR tech.

This piece says that with the UK aiming to be entirely on 5G networks by 2023, the pivot to 5G will have a significant impact on how businesses operate. Communication professionals must understand the blend of automation and artificial intelligence to adjust their communications.

This piece highlights that 5G will allow for cloud computing. Brands will be run without traditional networks and servers. This shift in technology can lead to “mobile hedge technology.” However, there are chances that the cloud-stored data will be hacked or stolen.

Communication experts need to up-to-date of all the changes. But they will also need to be ready to upgrade their equipment so that it is compatible with 5G.

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