Showing a clear call to action can reduce cart abandonment rates

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August 22, 2019, 11:12 AM UTC

An average of 79.17% of shoppers' leave sites after adding items to their carts.

This piece states that some e-commerce websites provide subtle checkout pages, which confuses the buyers. Providing a clear call to action on the shopping cart pages with multiple checkout options and prominent links can encourage customers to make the transaction. 

Delivery options and shipping charges are other critical factors which turn off the buyers. This article recommends e-commerce sites should offer customers a choice of delivery options for different customer preferences. They should also clearly show the shipping charges and avoid hidden costs.

A smooth checkout with a guest option and secure payment options showing security tags can further reduce cart abandonment rates for security-conscious customers. The author also suggests companies can offer multiple payment options from digital wallets to plastic cards for buyers to complete the transaction smoothly.

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