Brands are blocking hard news keywords to avoid being seen next to controversial content

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August 22, 2019, 11:19 AM UTC

Marketers are distancing their brands from hard news 

This piece says that brands are distancing themselves from ads that appear next to controversial content like terrorism and illegal practices. According to Integral Ad Science (IAS), more than 1,000 advertisers blocked the word “shooting” in July. Whereas, the word “ISIS” was blocked by 314 advertisers and 500 advertisers blocked “Trump.”

The move towards positive lifestyle relevant content is aimed at making the customers feel good.  But, a Spokesperson for IAS said that “The more words you block, you’re limiting your scale of the people to reach you can reach.”

Research from earlier this month had found most people believed that it necessary for brands not appear near any offensive or inappropriate content. 90% of respondents said advertisers should make sure that ads don’t appear next to inappropriate content.

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