Enhancing customer experience with AI allows marketers to personalise customer journey

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August 20, 2019, 6:08 AM UTC

Marketers can use AI to maintain consistent customer experience across departments.

This article notes that brands can use AI to create a highly personalised experience for their consumers. Brands should use AI to build tailored product recommendations and emails at scale to maintain consistency across all departments.

Despite apprehensions that AI is complicated, it can easily be used by marketers to include real-time offers, predict consumer journeys and segment consumers. For example, with the aid of AI, brands can optimise their landing pages, create A/B tests for their email campaigns and create dynamic and personalised content.

AI can help marketers to live up to their customer’s expectations while also turning consumers into brand advocates. The author contends personalising content with AI can increase upselling, customer retention and ultimately ROI.

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