Strategic partnerships with podcasters can enable brands to engage with loyal listeners

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August 19, 2019, 9:00 AM UTC

Podcasts are a suitable medium for companies to establish strategic and creative partnerships.

As of 2018, close to $500 million have been spent on podcast advertising in the US with marketers fiercely trying to maximise their reach. This article highlights ways in which podcasts can be used as a successful marketing tool through strategic partnerships.

The author states that the fan base of podcasts is as significant as the podcast itself. Brands can leverage the personal relationship podcast listeners develop with the host by inserting host-read ads. Unlike TV or radio, listeners are more likely to pay attention to these ads.

Podcasts also enable advertisers to boost their ROI through in-depth demographic details collected via vanity URLs, checkout surveys and more. Because of the free-flowing nature of there are unique opportunities for brand partnerships, including live podcasts.

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