Focusing on every touchpoint allows brands to increase leads on Facebook

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August 19, 2019, 1:35 PM UTC

Brands should re-engage with passive leads with Facebook’s retargeting ads function.

Marketers can increase Facebook leads and conversions by enhancing every touchpoint of their marketing funnel. Facebook’s Ads Manager allows brands to build a custom audience and create personalised ads while retargeting ads to potential leads.

Leads which have opted for offers like free guides or webinars can be retargeted with follow up purchase offers on thank-you pages or emails. Including video thanking the customer in their follow-up offers and emails can help brands build further trust with consumers.

Brands can further track the behaviour of their leads with tools like Google Analytics on Facebook’s ad conversion thank-you page. The author contends that based on the audience, feedback brands should reach out to potential leads personally and reposition their ad offers.

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