Almost 90% of UK marketers are afraid to invest in long-term digital marketing activities

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August 19, 2019, 12:58 PM UTC

UK-based QueryClick surveyed numerous marketing professionals from retail, finance and travel businesses.

The survey revealed that due to a lack of credible evidence, almost 90% of marketers are afraid to invest in long-term digital activities. Additionally, this has led to internal stakeholder pressure to restrict investment in marketing activities to last-click attribution models.  

60.5% of respondents said that agencies over-focus on PPC due to their ease in demonstrating immediate results to their clients. However, almost six in 10 respondents suspect that their SEO and PPC strategies are not aligned for maximum overall ROI for their marketing budgets.

This piece highlights that the company management wants immediate results at the expense of long-term optimisation of ROI. Marketing teams also lack credible information to resist management pressure.

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