Multimedia content on social media allows B2B brands to attract audience attention

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August 16, 2019, 12:27 PM UTC

B2B businesses should have specific goals with measurable KPIs for their social media campaigns.

This piece says that having relevant and measurable strategies which align with business objectives can allow B2B brands to run successful social media campaigns. Utilising multimedia formats on social networks like Instagram stories can help brands convey their message efficiently while attracting consumer attention.

Marketers should keep an eye on their competitors to look for opportunities to differentiate themselves and create and share original content. Reviewing past blog posts and social media content allows marketers to identify and create a unique brand voice.

This article says that offering support on social platforms while maintaining consistency with content, allows brands to build customer relationships. The author contends that experimenting with content like conversational posts or hashtags can help brands increase audience engagement.

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