Content marketers can let customers evaluate a product’s functionality through tactile marketing

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August 13, 2019, 6:43 AM UTC

A consumer’s need to touch and feel products affects their buying decision.

Tactile marketing capitalises on the most basic human need of physical contact by creating a connection between a product and a consumer. Marketing psychology suggests that a product’s texture, shape and weight can influence a consumer’s purchase decision.

Tactile marketing is useful as it lets consumers assess a product’s value, functionality and durability. This is an experience digital is unable to provide. It can also improve customer satisfaction and aid conversions.

Content marketers can use tactile marketing to build relationships with leads through print newsletters and send personalised invitations via direct mail for enhancing brand recall. Another strategy is to send customised gifts or coupons to encourage sales and catalogs to keep customers updated on product information and promotions.

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