Businesses should create inclusive advertising in an effort to be relevant to their audiences

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August 13, 2019, 10:39 AM UTC

Consumers expect brands to demonstrate an authentic commitment towards diversity.

This piece argues that instead of showcasing “beautiful”, “young”, “picture-perfect and homogenous models”, ads must feature people who look the audiences and represents real-life experiences. Effective and inclusive advertising can be created if a brand has a genuine commitment to diversity and equality.

The article cites a 2017 survey which revealed that over half of Americans don’t feel their lifestyle is represented in ads. Another study found that over four in ten millennial parents would be more likely to buy from brands that embrace diversity.

The author contends that consumer’s expectations of companies they interact with are rising and so brands must demonstrate an authentic commitment towards diversity. A campaign that features a plus-sized woman or real mothers, instead of a model, can generate increased attention from consumers.  

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