Use hashtags, emojis in Instagram captions to generate user interest

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August 12, 2019, 5:27 AM UTC

Caption content must aim to both, entertain and educate users.

This article points out the importance of using well-written captions on Instagram to boost engagement. Visuals of posts alone may not arrest user attention and so, marketers must supply captions that pique user interest and tease them about what they can expect to learn from a post.

To make a post worth a user’s time, the captions must be designed to entertain or educate them. Instagram posts have to try to get the attention of “scanners”, people quickly scanning through a post without reading every word.

For such an audience, the author advises formatting posts using line breaks, emojis to generate visual interest, brackets, all caps and strategically placed hashtags. Brands could do well to maintain a consistent voice and a conversational tone in posts.

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