Companies need to give consumers full control over their data

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August 12, 2019, 12:55 PM UTC

The ad tech industry currently is not using combined, shared resources to deal with “long-term threats”.

This piece argues that advertisers need to show “respect for the consumer” by giving back control of their data to them. The author contends that consumers must be provided access to a built-in component within their browsers that gives them full control over the data they share.

It should also help them understand how their data is being used by advertisers and their partners. The author clarifies that leveraging cookies may not be the only solution as, ironically, cookie opt-out solutions use cookies themselves.

Just as in the case for TV or OTT, the industry must acknowledge advertising as a necessary exchange for quality content. Ultimately, the industry needs to get back to creating value for users, publishers and advertisers.

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