Chief Marketing Officers must find ways to stay “relevant”

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August 12, 2019, 2:17 AM UTC

Paradoxically, the martech that makes CMOs’ roles easier may soon put them “out of a job altogether.”

Digital transformation has led to an expanded scope of work for CMOs who are responsible for creating unique, personalised and omni-channel experiences. They now need to manage an array of marketing activities, from targeted advertising to optimised web-content, while making continuous adjustments based on real-time analytics.

Their overwhelming workload coupled with the pressing need to “upskill, reskill and reimagine” in order to stay on par with this transformation, has put CMOs in a tight spot. Adding to this, customer experience is changing and its demands are increasing.

Concepts of marketing such as email marketing, text alerts and live beacons could be acquired by an AI-assisted point-of-sale communicator. To stay relevant, CMOs must be quick in adapting to AI and real-time technologies while reinventing themselves.

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