Marketers can deliver better user experiences by optimising ecommerce websites for mobile

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August 09, 2019, 3:54 AM UTC

Particularly, providing important features in the middle of the screen simplifies navigation for users.  

A simplified navigation gives both, browsers and searchers, an improved user experience on mobile and also encourages them to explore products. So, marketers should optimise ecommerce websites for mobile.

Since most users have a one-handed preference for using mobile devices, websites should be optimised for the “thumb zone”. Further, brands should size their key elements like links and buttons to be large enough to be tapped on with a thumb. With most users swiping downwards and diagonally, by offering simple swiping solutions brands create fluid and frictionless user experiences.

The author contends that developing a simple three-layered content layout for mobile websites prevents consumers from getting lost on the website. Home buttons on mobile ecommerce sites can further assist an easy return to homepage.

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