Agencies must use design, marketing and advertising to “address the world’s ills”

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August 08, 2019, 5:58 AM UTC

Ultimately, clients must look to be better global citizens.

The author highlights the need for the industry to create a “practical, honest route” to develop solutions that will work for agencies, employees and clients. Broadly, to “solve the problems we face”, imagination and creativity should be brought together to be executed through design and advertising.

This is required as younger employees at agencies believe that powers of advertising, design and marketing must be used to go beyond selling and to “address the world’s ills.” Following the recent US Customs and Border Protection – Ogilvy controversy, CEO John Seifert observed that “the agency could be more influential on the inside, working to change behaviour.”

Young agency employees believe that agencies must first “sign up to an ethical, purpose-driven agenda” before expecting that of clients. These employees want agencies to steer clients towards a position where they can be better global citizens.  

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