Running a CSR campaign helps consumers connect brands with the community good

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August 07, 2019, 5:32 AM UTC

Influencers connected with the campaign can help spread the message further.

 Consumers now are looking for more than just products that a preferred brand provides. They want to feel good about their choices. This piece suggests what businesses can do so that consumers relate them to the good of the community.

For this, brands must run a well-planned CSR campaign. There should a be a connection between the business and message that the campaign is trying to convey. Companies should aim to engage consumers with a brand’s values.

Additionally, they should be mindful about the influencers they choose to convey their brand message. The one chosen must be involved in the company’s campaign activities. Organisations should address societal issue only if they feel strongly about it and they have identified other companies who will support them through it.

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