Delivering emotionally memorable experiences can build customer loyalty

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August 07, 2019, 10:46 AM UTC

This can be done through sensory stimulation.

Memorable experiences infused with emotions across various points in the consumer journey can drive customer decisions. To introduce emotion into customer journeys, marketers could look at incorporating sensory stimulations to trigger surprise, trust and anticipation through products and services.

This piece says that in trying to eliminate outliers, companies end up delivering “consistently mediocre” experiences. They must instead look to transform negative customer experiences into positive, for them to be emotionally memorable.

Further, narrating compelling stories as part of the brand experience allows marketers to reinforce positive emotions, while bolstering their relationship with consumers. The author contends that companies that want to discover tactics that are useful in eliciting emotions should conduct controlled experiments like A/B testing to learn about their customer’s preferences.

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