Content marketing is an effective way of boosting event attendance

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August 06, 2019, 12:13 PM UTC

Brands can share event details via email campaigns to keep their audience interested.

Incorporating content into a brand’s event marketing strategy can help promote conferences, trade shows or seminars and increase the ROI for those events. Emails with event details can also help in event promotion and help brands stay in touch with their attendees.

This piece says that blogposts with valuable content entice audiences to share them on social platforms, thus bringing in more exposure. Further, they can feature guest interviews on podcasts or videos to reach wider audiences and generate excitement about the event.

Post the event, interactive content like surveys can be used to collect attendee feedback allowing companies to understand the intent of people attending it. The author contends that offering e-books and free resources to people attending the event can help brands stay connected with the audiences.

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