Carefully selecting ad placement on Facebook can improve conversion rates

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August 06, 2019, 10:09 AM UTC

Facebook recommends using Automatic Placements for every objective.

With the right ad placement on Facebook, brands can improve their ad’s performance and achieve their campaign results. Facebook currently provides 15 ad placement options for advertisers. These ad placements can be within the newsfeed, marketplace feed and stories feed, among other areas.

The article says that newsfeed ad placement is the most effective, popular and also the most expensive option on a CPM basis. Whereas marketplace feed placement is great for e-commerce brands who want to target consumers shopping for local deals.

Brands looking to improve traffic on their ads should use the feeds and edit their placement to remove the audience network placement, as this is the least effective placement option. The author contends that marketers can measure their placement effectiveness at the ad set level of a campaign in Facebook’s Ads manager.

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