Tracking community growth allows brands to spot fake influencers

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August 05, 2019, 9:17 AM UTC

Influencer fraud and fake influencers is a serious industry problem.  

This article suggests ways in which marketers can spot fake influencers. Looking out for a badge of verification can help brands separate genuine influencer accounts from fake ones.

Marketers can further avoid fake influencers by tracking the community growth of an account and by identifying any unusual growth of followers on the account. Observing engagement rates and inspecting comments on posts can also help determine the authenticity of influencer accounts.

The reach of actual influencer posts tends to be quite significant in a community. So, brands should look at the numbers of followers and the true reach being generated to identify fake influencers. Genuine influencers typically tend to be a part of common networks. They are also the ones interacting with other influencer account.

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