Brands could set up social media alerts to track activity spikes and detect buzzwords

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August 05, 2019, 6:07 AM UTC

Such real-time tracking of buzzwords lets marketers identify their company’s involvement in “not-so-great news”.

Keyword-based alerts can give brands a competitive edge and a real-time advantage of being able to act quickly and activate a PR crisis plan if needed. Businesses can set up alerts to track spikes in activity on their social media account in real-time.

Such spikes can be indicative of a buzzword which could signal the company's mention among “not-so-great news”, or it could point to a viral trend. The author suggests that when brands find great influencers, they can create long-term collaborations with them and turn them into brand ambassadors.

However, organisations should carefully choose their influencers based on their field of expertise, relevancy to the brand and target audience. The author also suggests creating content suited to the social media platform.

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