For Agile management to work, metrics must be decided in advance

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August 05, 2019, 12:05 PM UTC

This allows measuring actions in real-time.

Given that the metrics involved in Agile management are real-time metrics, they should be decided on in advance. Doing this can allow companies to determine a course of action in case the metrics either accomplish an intended task or not.

A key element to measure is impact. The author notes the importance of having metrics that can measure impact and the associated behavioural norms. Companies not doing so risk “flying blind”.

While thinking through an impact can be difficult, brands could build in metrics as a “forcing function” from the beginning, like Amazon does. The article quotes John Rossman, author of Think Like Amazon, where he says, “A forcing function is a set of guidelines, restrictions, requirements, or commitments that “force,” or direct, a desirable outcome without having to manage all the details of making it happen”. 

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