Objective-based ads allow businesses to run successful campaigns on LinkedIn

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August 02, 2019, 4:24 PM UTC

B2B companies can maximise their results by utilising LinkedIn’s campaign objectives.

LinkedIn’s objective-based advertising can help brands set their goals and objectives for their campaigns on the platform. This article says that LinkedIn’s website visits, engagement and lead generation campaign objectives allow brands to maximise their campaign results and track their conversions.

Recruitment businesses can target their ads based on their audience demographics and type of organisations and job designations, among other things. Sponsored organic ads and text ads on the platform can help brands place their advertisements organically on LinkedIn without disrupting users.

Brands can further opt for dynamic ads and sponsored In-mail on the networking platform for creating highly personalised ads and sending out personal invitations. The author contends that marketers should avoid using complicated language in their ads to have higher click-through-rates.

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