CMOs must be vary of developing an overdependence on AI

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August 02, 2019, 1:10 AM UTC

But, AI can tell CMOs how to market to individual customers by analysing their behaviour.

This article suggests cautious dependence on AI, as an over-reliance on it by CMOs could lead them to follow predictable patterns and affect long-term goals. When working with data, CMOs are increasingly expected to be mindful about data sources, quality and freshness.

But data can only inform AI. In this case, being able to unlearn proven marketing techniques presents itself as a challenge for CMOs. And so, despite AI’s revolutionary capabilities, marketers should continue to be responsible for being “storytellers and provocateurs”.   

In such an environment, CMOs could do well to build teams that can help them review inputs and outputs of the AI-driven systems. Ultimately, AI will most likely change a CMO’s role. But marketers must avoid developing an overdependence on it.  

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