Senior management could drive “customer obsession” within the company

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August 01, 2019, 4:38 AM UTC

They must motivate their teams to gain information about customer’s needs and desired goals.

Customers want experiences that are connected, memorable and differentiated. For a brand, providing personalised customer experiences isn’t enough, they must do so to differentiate themselves from their competition.

This requires company leadership fostering a “customer obsession” in their employees. Across marketing, sales procedures, and post sales follow-ups, companies must focus on the customer. The leadership can motivate the teams to ask their customers about their requirements and their decision-making factors.

AI can bring a huge change in the customer experience that a brand delivers. Businesses must be clear on the particular questions they want AI to answer. Once those particular areas have been identified, brands should study how current workflows could be impacted and analyse who needs to be reskilled. 

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