Integrating PR and content marketing strategies can amplify brand content

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August 01, 2019, 5:36 PM UTC

Brands should combine their marketing content with their influencer outreach programs.

This piece says brands can boost their marketing messages and increase audience engagement by integrating their PR and content marketing efforts. Further integration of content marketing with influencer marketing can help brands build mutually beneficial relationships and assist in cross-promotion activities.

Sharing content like proprietary data with PR teams allows brands to stand out in their media pitches. PR professionals can also repurpose content and use it in their media pitches to establish expertise and authority in the subject matter.

The author contends that the continuous integration of content and PR strategy allows marketers to find new angles for pitches in their quarterly campaigns. Marketers can further boost their campaigns by using paid media sources like content syndication, guest blogs or social media adverts.

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