35% of businesses are dissatisfied with their current PR agencies

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August 01, 2019, 7:13 AM UTC

This is at a time when big businesses spend around $15 billion a year on external PR firms.

Institute of Public Relations and RFP Associates surveyed senior communicators to reveal that chief communications officers don’t put the same time and thought into finding a suitable PR firm, as they do while hiring employees. Big companies are currently spending about $15 billion per annum on working with external PR agencies.

35% of participants reported dissatisfaction with the PR firm they have hired. 50% of the respondents were “moderately”, “slightly”, or “not at all” satisfied with the PR firms being paid over $1 million a year.

Further, 30% of senior communicators have been with the same agency for over four years, and another 30% for three to four years. Only 14% of them have worked with a PR agency for less than a year and 27% for one to two years.

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