Researching target audience can help brands to find the most suitable content distribution channel

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July 31, 2019, 1:52 PM UTC

Editorial calendars can improve a brand’s efficiency for content creation and distribution. 

This piece suggests marketers should research their target audience to conclude which channel works best for them. Organisations need to collect the demographic and contact details of their ideal customers and note their feedback on the brand’s current content and distribution efforts.

Companies can use their findings to distribute their content effectively. This article states that brands should also optimise their own distribution channels, including blogs, email newsletters and social media. Almost half of the consumers read a company’s blog before making a purchase.

The author says that regardless of the distribution channel, content should always align with their audience’s behaviour and preferences. Once the channel and content are decided, brands can find the content type, which works best for their brand as well as the audience. 

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