52% of US consumers feel frustrated when brands provide only automated communications

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July 31, 2019, 4:39 PM UTC

The study conducted by Invoca and The Harris Poll surveyed 2,048 US adults

This piece states that most consumers feel frustrated when companies provide only AI-powered chatbots and have no option for human interaction. Only 16% of people surveyed said that they liked the experiences, but 18% said that they feel angry when dealing with chatbots.

Consumer attitudes towards AI differ between industries, with AI being trusted the least in financial matters. While almost half of the consumers believe AI-generated retail advice, only 19% trust AI-generated advice for financial services.

The research states that younger consumers are more open to AI-based brand interactions than older consumers. 22% of people in the age group 18-34 would trust AI-generated advice for healthcare and finance, while only 10% of consumers of age 65 and older would do the same.

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