Marketers must regularly test Facebook ad creatives

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July 30, 2019, 1:47 AM UTC

Cadence and dynamic creative testing are two approaches suggested.

This article makes suggestions on how Facebook ad creative can be optimised. The author notes that brands can utilise user-generated content to make creative imagery more compelling. Additionally, regular testing of the ad creative is recommended.

In testing, marketers must focus on the cadence testing and dynamic creative testing approaches. In cadence testing, brands can run two ads in one ad set with differing creative assets. These must be turned off in two days with two new ones being rolled out. Dynamic testing allows analysing images, creative types, videos, and other elements in an ad set.

The piece suggests adding new creative assets to the funnel at least twice a week. Another recommendation is to use Facebook’s “asset placement customisation tool”. This allows brands to separate the ad creatives by placement within the same ad set.

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