Companies can customise live chat features to optimise chats for conversion

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July 30, 2019, 3:18 AM UTC

Brands could upload a photo of a live chat agent to engage with visitors.

Businesses should consider using live chats to eventually convert a large number of consumers. The article shares that the likelihood of web visitors converting improves by 82% if they’ve chatted with a business first.  

Brands must customise chat features such as the logo, the colours of the buttons and text to make it seem like a company’s natural extension. Setting up a profile for every live chat agent, along with actual photos of the agents can increase the chances of a visitor starting or continuing a live chat.

Marketers could set up offline features that provide customer support and drive conversions. Also, having a simple form that the visitor can fill out gives brands a chance to follow up with them once their agents are back online. 

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