Traditional advertisers should pay attention to in-app mobile game advertising

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July 29, 2019, 12:46 PM UTC

Smartphones and touchscreen devices have made gaming accessible to demographics beyond teenagers.

According to a 2018 Electronic Entertainment Design and Research study, about 67% of people in the US play games on at least one platform. This piece argues that traditional marketers should look to advertising in the media as the gamer demographic now cuts across age and genders.

Unlike traditional advertising, gaming on touchscreen devices allows for “tactile interaction” along with opportunities in a new interactive format. The broad gaming audience can also enable marketers to segment and target them in various ways.

This piece says that apart from visibility, mobile game ad experiences can also be used to run AB test. Developing a “custom branded interactive playable” can be more cost-efficient than creating a video, that can draw impressive KPIs, according to Casey Campbell, senior director of advertising at Gameloft.

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