Qualitative analysis of consumer feedback can help brands improve product experience

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July 29, 2019, 4:26 PM UTC

Analysing customer feedback through qualitative data and implementing can boost sales conversions by 300%.

This piece says that brands need to integrate a brief questionnaire as part of their on-boarding and off-boarding processes to get useful consumer insights. These questionnaires are also capable of identifying the strengths and weakness of a brand’s product or service. 

Segmenting users based on their product-interaction can help brands analyse their feedback effectively. Brands should ensure that they consider both positive and negative feedback before implementing any changes to the product. They should avoid focussing too much on loud negative feedback and study majority reviews before making any modifications.

The author suggests brands should let the customers know that their feedback is taken into account. They should reach out to their consumers with quantitative data and mention the steps undertaken to improve the product experience.

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