Advertisers will now be able to target users based on their Facebook searches

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July 29, 2019, 12:42 PM UTC

The new ad placement doesn’t allow targeting specific keywords or phrases like Google ads.

Social media giant Facebook’s has launched a new ad placement option which enables advertisers to place ads within search results. While setting up ad campaigns, advertisers can now see “Facebook search” as one of their placement options.

But businesses will not be able to use this new “Facebook search” feature without the ads being featured in the news feed.  Ads that appear in this format will have a “sponsored” tag similar to newsfeed adverts. The ads will be available in both static image or carousel format.

Though there are no targeting options available, these ads show up when users search for terms related to the businesses’ offerings. This article suggests that the “best way to show up for various keywords is to make sure they appear somewhere on your business’s Facebook page.”

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