Advertisers should create engaging mobile ads to avoid ad blocks

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July 29, 2019, 4:26 PM UTC

Aligning consumer activity with creative ads allows marketers to build a positive mobile experience.

This article states that marketers should create engaging mobile ads for consumers, to overcome the ad-blocking problem on mobile devices. The author notes that with publishers losing a million pounds a year to ad blockers, they hurt the bottom-line of publishers and advertisers.

Most consumers use ad-blockers due to over-exposure and ads taking up most of the screen space. To resolve these issues marketers should optimise their ads for mobile devices. Creative ads that are in-line with user activities can further prevent irrelevant ads from appearing.

Marketers should create mobile-friendly ads that are non-intrusive while still being interesting enough to capture the audience attention. The author contends that creating ads with inspiring narratives allows brands to foster meaningful relationships with consumers while increasing engagement.

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