Omnichannel is the most appropriate channel for engaging consumers across demographics

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July 26, 2019, 10:12 AM UTC

78% of baby-boomers are turned off when they have to restart a conversation with the brand and may lead to a severing of ties.

This piece states that an omnichannel approach is the most effective method to build customer engagement. But only 13% of consumers believe that companies delivering consistent customer experience across multiple platforms.

According to research by Chief Marketing Officer Council and Pitney Bowes, more than 25% of 2000 millennials and Gen Z consumers surveyed, prefers a brand to reach them from both physical and digital angles. These angles include all strategies from email and social media to in-person interactions.

Even though privacy concerns remain, consumers are willing to sacrifice personal data for enhanced experience from brands. Pitney Bowes’s VP Jeff Winter says that irrespective of communication channels, every consumer wants to be treated as individuals.

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