Focusing on front-line workers gives company videos an authentic feel

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July 26, 2019, 2:26 PM UTC

Creative videos can help brands to create memorable videos for the audiences.

This piece says that marketers should explain their products and services in a simple language and keep their target audience in mind when creating videos. Brands should ensure that their videos focus on front-line workers over the management to promote the company’s message.

Keeping the videos simple by not cramming in too many people or locations can help marketers portray the intended message clearly. In order to attract viewers, brands should use visual headliners in their videos to highlight the primary message while directing them to websites or blog posts.

Including brief testimonials of satisfied customers or clients allows brands to appear more credible in their marketing messages. The author contends that marketers should have a strategic plan while shooting the video and include locations like shop floor for authenticity.

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