Marketers should use B2B content campaign briefs to map out their plan of action

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July 25, 2019, 4:38 PM UTC

The brief should outline budget, expertise and other external resources required for the effort.

This piece recommends marketers should develop their B2B content campaign brief in a manner that maps out their activity, including the roles of people involved in that and its overall outcome. The brief should begin with a clear and concise summary mentioning critical components of the campaign.

The strategy should lay enough focus on the brand’s target audience with details on objectives of the campaign. Marketers can use bullet points to keep the brief short and the to-the-point while mentioning actions that these efforts will drive.

The author suggests campaign creators list the measurable results that the campaign is expected to drive, but these results shouldn’t be subjective. Marketers should also list the content assets that require input from other departments.

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