Categorising videos into different levels can help in an effective a video marketing strategy

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July 25, 2019, 12:39 PM UTC

Implementing different levels of videos can help marketers use their resources better.

 A mix of video content with A, B and C levels can help marketers decide how each video content aligns with their broader marketing strategy and goals. While high-quality A-level videos, like TV commercials, are suitable for creating a robust first-time impression, they are expensive to produce.

This piece says B-level video pushes higher engagement and are suitable for a consistent video strategy. This format, which is often used to create product demos or DIY videos, can be produced consistently by the brand staff itself and requires only basic video equipment.

The C-level video format can further help brands stand out, as these videos are unpolished and can be produced just by a cell phone or a webcam. Marketers can use the C-level video format to share on-location industry events or create personalised videos for individuals.

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